27 Apr

There are some rules for success in every step in life. Whenever we do the things, we must follow some rules. Rules are everywhere. There are rules in games, there are rules in office, likewise there are some rules in friendship. Lots of friendship whatsapp status in hindi have been written to educate us the rules of friendship. So whenever you do friendship with anyone, follow the rules of friendship to get a successful relationship.

I would like to share five rules for the success of friendship derived from friendship quotes:-

Rule #1: Good listener

You should be a good listener to get the special space in your friend's heart. When someone listens carefully, he/she automatically earns the attention of speaker. So if you are a good listener, you can also be a good friend. Many friendship quotes teach us to be a good listener for stronger friendship.

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Rule #2: Supportive

A friend must be supportive. So you should support your friend in all obstacles. You should take care of his/her interests and motivate your friends. This thing make your friend feel good for you. There is a friendship quote "A friend in need is a friend indeed" strongly applies for better bonding in friends.

Rule #3: Be in limits

There are some limits in every relationship. So you should also be in your limits. Don't interfere in your friend's family matters. Your friend may also not like when you make unwanted jokes on him/her. So know your limits and never cross them for the sake of healthy relationship.

Rule # 4: Mutual understanding

When your friend is in anger, you should never argue with him/her and vice-versa. There must be mutual understanding in friendship. Both should know each others very well and should try their best to avoid conflicts.

Rule #5: Trust

Trust is the footing of any relationship. Where there is no trust, there is no relation. Trust makes the connection more stronger. So trust your friend and never do anything wrong.

It is rightly been said that "Honesty is the best policy." So always be honest with your friends. It increases your goodwill and everyone trust on honest person.

So if you follow mentioned rules, you will definitely earn good friendship and suvichar. Friendship is the relation of souls. There is no blood relation between friends still they have concern for each others. There care and love for each others make the friendship relation unique.

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